Vetbook provided Express Notary Assistance to Savannah Residents and Residents of the Coastal Empire during Hurrican Dorian.  Vetbook announced locations in Atlanta, Georgia where residents could have important documents certified or notarized.  You can subscribe to the Vetbook channel on Youtube! Search Vetbook #LetsGetNotarized and Subscribe!
*Vetbook Dorian*
*Vetbook: Dorian@ Lennox Mall*
*Vetbook: Dorian@ Centennial Olympic Park* 

*Vetbook: Krab Queenz (Post Dorian Wrap-up)*

Vetbook has continued efforts in service to the community by attending the local Diveristy Inclusion Meetings, participating in Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and becoming a member of the Savannah Downtown District Business Association!
*Educational Overview Video*
*Vetbook: Diveristy and Inclusion Meeting*

*Vetbook: Dorian Compilation Video*

*Vetbook: Savannah Downtown Video*